Architectural Tiles


Our Architectural Tiles include artisan ceramic tiles, each being hand-crafted with unique aesthetical quality with the ability of tessellating and covering surfaces with different dimensions. These tiles are great choice for both interior and exterior, for both personal and commercial uses. From a small wall in your home (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entrance, or practically anywhere you wish) to a whole wall in your office, restaurant, gallery, or museum, these tiles are the best choice with tonality of whites, browns, and reds, combined with their intentionally imperfect style which possess them as a contemporary archaeological finding bursting with cultural and meaningful content.  

The Architectural Tiles are available on 4x4 inches or 6x6 inches tiles. You may order these tiles individually or by square feet. Please understand that because of the unique process involved in making this work each individual tile may look a different from one to the next which adds a lot to the artisan value of the piece.

Image of the interiors here are artistic renders and are not representing any real space or scale